Nili Afshar is born 1995 in Karaj. Nili Afshar officially married Pooyan Mokhtari in Turkey in November of 2018. Nili Afshar is a famous Iranian dancer, model, director and Instagram star. The story of Nili Afshar and her husband Pooyan Mokhtari acquaintance is in Iran at a beauty clinic. Visit the Nili Afshar YouTube channel for a full view of the story. Nili Afshar and Pooyan Mokhtari are the founder of the most reputable online betting and casino site in Iran named HazaratBet


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Nili Afshar is one of the most popular Iranian dancers and models on Instagram. You can see Nili Afshar’s Instagram page.



One of the most popular and popular Instagram stars in Iran is Nili Afshar. Nili Afshar currently has around 600K followers on Instagram.



After directing a number of short video projects, Nili Afshar started directing the music video project of Pooyan Mokhtari.

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